Harpswell Historical Society

Incorporated 1979

929 Harpswell Neck Road
Harpswell, Maine  04079

The Harpswell Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, identification, collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Harpswell and its people.


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Harpswell Historical Society
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      • news 2016-Summer
        John Darling Hermit of Pond Island Fact from Fiction | Harpswell Day: A Celebration of Traditional Handcrafts and Subsistence Skills | The Isles of Casco Bay in Fact & Fancy | History of 19th Century American Poorhouses | Subsistence | Acquisitions
      • news 2015-Winter 12/2015
        Deacon Timothy Bailey | Bailey Island origins: Richard Wescott | Bailey Island Origins: George Wheeler | Bailey Island Origins: Wikipedia | Bailey Island Origins: The Portland Phoenix | Notes on Black Will, and Will Black, Jr. | Smock Marriages | Island Chowder | Town Meeting Orders Barn Built | How to Salt Cod | Home Elijah Kellogg | Christmas in New England
      • news 2015-Summer
        Clem Dunning’s Memories | The Growth of a Resort | Meeting House | Patricia Barnes Moody | What Harpswell Means to Me. |
      • news 2015-Spring
        The Growth of a Resort | The Puritan Tithingman | Gareth Anderson Shares His History | Harpswell Memory
      • Newsletter 2014  Oct
        Laddie Whidden Reminisces | Laddie Whidden to the Rescue | Memories of Ice Harvesting | What Harpswell Means To Me | HHS Annual Meeting -August 20, 2014
      • news 2014-June
        Walter Norton Reminisces | Bailey Island 1913-1928 | More History of Harpswell Place Names | Preservation Efforts at the Kellogg Church | How Did Harpswell Get Its Name?
      • news 2014-January
        The Wilson’s High Head Farm. | The Sam Alexanders of Harpswell | Growing Up in Harpswell; Reminiscences by Anne Anderson | Early (1756) Warrant | Update On The District #2 School | Harpswell’s Shipbuilding Heritage
      • news 2013
        Harpswell Town among the Most Attractive Maine Resorts  | Gone, But Not Forgotten | And Are Lobsters and Young Ladies Plenty? | Reminiscing about Lowell’s Cove | What is it?
      • news 2012 winter
        Plans for the Schoolhouse | Lobsters of Colonial Massachusetts | President’s Report. | Bowdoin Students Volunteer at HHS | Jordan Family of Harpswell | Old Crow Tales | Harpswell Men in the Revolutionary War
      • news 2012 summer
        The Town Dock | Annual Meeting on August 22 | Historical Society Archives? | Bailey Island Tuna Tournament | Bowdoin Students | Your Society at Work | Society’s Website is a Hit
      • news 2011 Spring
        A History of Harpswell, Maine. | As You Like It | Uncles of Casco Bay | A Sociological Study of Bailey Island, Maine | Response to Fundraising Appeal | Where We’ve Been and How Much We Have Changed
      • news 2009 Summer
        History of The East Harpswell Baptist Church | HHS Buildings and Sites:  | Oral History in Harpswell | Home Folks of Harpswell and Other Poems | Ideas for the Future
      • news 2005 Summer
        Some Large Turnips | An anxious night on the New Jersey Coast
      • news 2003 Summer
        Harpswell Center
      • news 2002
        Harpswell’s Oldest Twins Celebrate 88th Birthdays
      • news 2001
        Bailey’s Store  | Fisherman’s Memorial
      • news 1999
        Centennial Hall | Proposed Amendments to the by-laws of the Harpswell Historical Society | The Dead Ship of Harpswell”.| A Website for the Historically Curious
      • news 1998
        From Our Collection
  • Historic Park and Museum

·         Merriconeag,

·         Nanatuck

·         Oakledge

·         Oceanview

·         Old Fort Homestead

·         Otterbrook Farm

·         Sea Gables

o    Harpswell Neck Library: July 27, 1908.- Request for money

o    Harpswell Neck Yacht Club  (added 11/13/11)

o    Capt. David Perry Sinnett 1843-1913

o    Early Settlers and Landowners in Harpswell: as recorded in Wheelers History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell

o    Early Warrants:  (1756 & 1758) warrants with our best translation of what they say.

o    John Darling: Hermit of Pond Island: Fact from Fiction

o    The Rise and Demise of the Cattle Pound Harpswell and Maine Shows how the state messes things up even then

o    A Timeline of Harpswell History (particularly Orr's Island) 

o    Teachers' Contracts 1907 (added 5/18/2014)

o    Letters

·         Letter: G. A. Ramsdell to Edward P. Pennell 1864

·         Letter: R. S. Melcher to Edward 1862

·         Town's 250th Anniversary

o    Memoirs of the Harpswell Cottages: 1954

·         Cundy's Harbor Incident: Copy of part of a letter from Aunt Carrie Chapman Purington of  East Harpswell, Maine to Frank Purington Reed, West Roxbury, Mass., dated November 7th, 1905.

·         Gallery (newsletters see above)

·         Society newsletters from 1998 to 2015

·         Maps

·         Map of Harpswell 1871 (added 4/2014)

·         Pictures from the Archives

·         General Store Pott's Point, Harpswell Neck  #1

·         General Store Pott's Point, Harpswell Neck  #2

·         Orr's and Bailey Islands from Harpswell Neck

·         Pott's Point as seen from Haskell Island

·         Pictures of Historic Harpswell  

·         Postcards (Index page)
added 3/2013: Orr's Island Bridge Channel; Orr's Island Bridge

·         Pictures (Index page)

·         Pictures of Harpswell Events

·         Independence Day 2009

·         Halloween 2009

·         Independence Day 2010

·         Independence Day 2011

·         Harpswell Day 2011

·         Links

·         Bibliography

·         Calendar