Harpswell Historical Society

Incorporated 1979

929 Harpswell Neck Road
Harpswell, Maine  04079

The Harpswell Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, identification, collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Harpswell and its people.

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Life in Harpswell Maine in the Early to Mid 1900's

By the Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders at
Harpswell Islands & West Harpswell Schools

Teachers: Martha Burtt, Pat Moody, Ken Bedder

A 1997-98 Harpswell History Project
Supported by The Annenberg Rural Challenge Grant

Gladys Abby Allen
Allen's Seafood
Henry Barnes
Alice Catlin
Donald Coffin
Daniel Darling
The Dead Ship of Harpswell
Clem Dunning
Judith Howard
Harpswell Hotels
Bernard Johnson
Roy Knight & Cliff Moody
Arnold LeMay
Arnold LeMay
Becky Longley
Currier McEwen
Rob Miller
Barbara Munsey
Don Rogers
Alice Swallow
Dick Westcott
Malcolm Whidden
Ken & Marge Wille
Mary Wilson
Mary & Eleanor Wilson
The Witch Of Harpswell
Gerry York

Life in Harpswell Maine
in the Early to Mid 1900's*


In the third and fourth grades we study about the State of Maine, and our local Harpswell community. We had many different experiences to learn about our local history. We visited the Maine Maritime Museum six times and learned about our maritime history. We learned how mariners used maps and navigated, what ports of call were visited, how those contacts impacted the local community, and how mariners told time and used the wind for power. We had fun and learned much from our visits.

We also contacted people who lived in Harpswell when they were young, to find out what life was like back then. We were interested in many aspects of their lives, so we made up of a series of questions to ask them. Students interviewed their “History Helper” and these interviews were videotaped. Students from Bowdoin College working on a unit of instruction came in and taught us how to watch the videotapes, take notes, and write a report. Some students took their videotapes home and parents helped with the transcription process. We learned a lot from our “History Helpers,” this book is a result of all our hard work.
*We'd like to thank all our "History Helpers" for giving us their time, energy and experiences to use in our book. Thank you to all parent volunteers who accompanied us to the Museum, and helped coordinate our interviews, particularly Joanne Tryner. Thanks to Bowdoin College students Ashley Fantasia and Alexis Bailey and to parents who helped transcribe videotaped interviews. A big thanks to videotape volunteers Dave Brooks, Dave Chipman, Nancy and Jim Miekle, and Bruce and Arlene MacLeod. Thanks to Tina Wegalin, Louise Hatch for their exceptional effort and Principal John Paige at West Harpswell School who coordinated our project this year. Finally a huge thanks to the Ducharme family and Kwik Kopy for the printing and layout of our book.
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