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The Harpswell Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, identification, collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Harpswell and its people.

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Letter: R. S. Melcher to Edward 1862

Transcript of a letter found in the files of the
Harpswell Historical Society

June 20th 1862

Friend Edward

I received your letter about three weeks ago, and was very glad to hear from you. I have been waiting to find out where we were going before I answered it. We are going to Teapeny after salt and from there to Boston or Portland, I dont know which. We shall sail the first of the week. We have been here ten weeks yesterday. We were twenty seven days coming from Cardiff. I didn't see the Rock of Gibraltar, we passed it in the evening. I could [see] the coast of Africa on one side, the coast of Spain on the other going through the Straits. I have been about all over the city of Genoa, it is a fine place. Capt. Given give us a days liberty last Tuesday to go ashore. David and me went and had a first rate time of it. We went into the park, it is a splendid place. There is a large fountain in it, the water spits up in the air about two hundred feet, a plenty oranges and fruit growing in it, which are very cheap here, this post is the French and Italian Naval Station, I see King Victor Emanuel the other day he has been here twice since I have been here, he past (passed] close to our ship.

June 21th I haven't time to write much more, for we shall go to sea tonight __ in the ___ing. I suppose you are busy enough now hoeing, I have been away from home seven months last Thursday if nothings happens I shall be at home about next September. I want to send mother a few lines in this letter for I know I don't have time to write another. I shall write after I get to Teapney. Write me and I will try and write a longer Letter.

Give my respects to all the folks. I must bid you good by.

From your friend

            R. S. Melcher

 I haven't time to write to mother this evening, tell her I will write to her as soon as we arrive in Teapney.

 transcribed by Gerry York, Harpswell Historical Society

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